Prospect writes asking for urgent meetings with new cabinet members to discuss members' concerns


Prospect writes asking for urgent meetings with new cabinet members to discuss members' concerns

Following the appointment of new cabinet ministers in areas which have significant Prospect representation, such as Defence, BEIS, Culture Media and Sport, and Defra, Prospect has written requesting urgent meetings with the new secretaries of state.

With a new prime minister and new ministers coming into post Prospect hopes that they will engage with the union on issues which will affect out members and have a lasting impact on the civil service, industry and the country. Previous secretaries of state have been reluctant to engage with the union despite the union having some very serious concerns about some issues, and also a lot of constructive suggestions about how things could perhaps be improved to everyone's benefit. 

In our letter to the defence secretary, Mike Clancy, Prospect general secretary, will be calling in particular for two decisions to be made quickly by the new administration.

Read the letter here.

In the letter to Theresa Villiers at Defra we are focusing on the potential impact of Brexit and the need for fare wages and funding.

Read the letter here.

Further letters are also going to the sectaries of state for BEIS and for CMS.

Mike Clancy said: 

"I am writing to the new secretaries of state because I would welcome the opportunity to discuss those issues which are of particular importance to our members in more detail. I hope they are able to find time in their schedules to meet with me and hear the views of a large part of their workforce.

"Of late we have experienced letters to Ministers going unanswered or not even being acknowledged. As a result we are publicising these letters so members are aware we have made this approach to pursue their interests in this regard."

Earlier this week Mike Clancy and the FDA's Dave Penman wrote to party leaders calling for them to sign a pledge to protect the civil service. Read the letter here.