BT Group Annual Bonus


BT Group Annual Bonus

Philip Jansen announced the Annual Bonus

  • Group bonus is 100% of target
  • Recognition for our members’ efforts
  • Should not be seen as a substitute for an annual pay award

Hopefully, you will have seen the announcement by Philip Jansen that the Group annual bonus scorecard result for 2020/21 is 100% of target. This will clearly be welcome news to members, given the failure of the company to pay an annual pay award in both 2020 and 2021.

The bonuses are subject to individual performance as well as the Group scorecard, and the bonus plan rules. Managers will confirm your final bonus amount in June. The scorecard applies to all managers and executives in BT, Plusnet and EE. In Openreach, bonuses for eligible colleagues will continue to be based on a separate scorecard linked to Openreach’s performance.  

The union welcomes the good news on bonus. Prospect members have worked above and beyond in keeping the UK connected during the pandemic. Indeed, our members have watched with some consternation as the company have lauded “frontline workers” and publicised the award of a £1000 bonus to team members. Prospect’s view is that all those who contribute to the Group’s performance are frontline and a demarcation should not be made to justify differential approaches to pay.

The union had made it clear to BT that it was imperative that the bonus was paid, not least after the company’s decision to freeze pay for a second year. Therefore, it is heartening to see the bonus at 100% and this will see members receiving recognition for their sterling efforts of the past year. However, it should not be seen as is a replacement for a consolidated annual pay increase. Moreover, the union will continue to campaign for the company to reverse the decision not to pay an annual award, not least to ensure that real terms take home pay is not further eroded.